A short audio or video clip placed at the end of a podcast\/videocast. See Intro.

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  • outro — det. e pron. indef. 1. Não este. 2. Diferente. 3. Mais um. 4. Seguinte. 5. Precedente. 6. Restante. • outros pron. indef. m. pl. 7. Os alheios …   Dicionário da Língua Portuguesa

  • Outro — An outro (sometimes outtro ) or extro is the conclusion to a piece of music, literature or television program. It is the opposite of an intro. Outro is a blend or portmanteau as it combines the words out and intro to create a new word.OriginThe… …   Wikipedia

  • Outro — Das Intro (Kurzform von englisch introduction, von lateinisch introductio Einführung ) ist eine kurzgefasste thematisch bezogene Einleitung in den kompletten Inhalt von und bei Text , Musik , Bild und Videowerken. Inhaltsverzeichnis 1 Verwendung… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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  • outro — noun a) In music, a portion of music at the end of a song; like an intro, but at the end instead of the beginning. ...talking over the intro of a record and off the outro, weaving back and forth between two records spinning... b) The closing… …   Wiktionary

  • outro — noun (plural outros) informal the concluding section of a piece of music or a radio or television programme. Origin 1970s: from out, on the pattern of intro …   English new terms dictionary

  • outro — /ˈaʊtroʊ/ (say owtroh) noun 1. a conclusion, such as a summing up at the end of a speech. 2. Music a fade out at the end of a song. {out + (int)ro} …   Australian English dictionary

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  • Outro (album) — Outro Studio album by Jair Oliveira Released 2002 Recorded Trama Studies, Sao Paulo, Brazil Genre MPB …   Wikipedia

  • Outro (computer gaming) — In computer and video gaming, the term outro refers to a sequence of graphics and music presented to the player as a reward for successful completion of the entire game. Outros are also commonly referred to as the game s ending. They can range… …   Wikipedia

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